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"The project was co-financed by the European Union from the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion, the European Regional Development Fund."

Modernization of the mill plant Čakovečki mlinovi d.d. 

"Modernization of the Čakovečki mlinovi mill plant"is a project carried out within the Operation 4.2.1. "Increase in added value to agricultural products', sub-measures 4.2. »Support for investments in processing, marketing and/or development of agricultural products« of the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2014-2020 The subject of this project is the modernization (reconstruction and procurement of mill equipment) of the Čakovečki mlinovi mill plant in Čakovec and the procurement of electric forklifts for the transport of raw materials and finished products within the facility.

Project goals

By submitting the project to the mentioned competition, the following objectives are defined: 
  1. 45% increase in processing capacity 
  2. Improving the technological process 
  3. Improving the milling diagram and expanding the product range 
  4. Installation of machinery and introduction of procedures that enable the production process to be managed according to the highest hygienic standards and ensure the health safety of products for human consumption and livestock feeding 
  5. Installation of additional equipment in the composition of the production line to create conditions in which, in addition to wheat, rye will be processed. 

The following results will be achieved through the implementation of the project

  1. Rational use of raw materials
  2. Production of larger quantities of products of larger granulation
  3. Development of new products according to consumer specifications (optimization of gluten content)
  4. New procedures and solutions to ensure the health safety of the product
  5. Increasing the safety of plant operation
  6. Improving working conditions.
Total project value:
Total EU support:
Project implementation period:
63.110.777,30 HRK
22.934.400,00 HRK
25.10.2019. - 25.10.2020.
Fixed conversion rate €/kn: 7,53450
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