Čakovečki mlinovi d.d.

About Čakovečki mlinovi

Committed to creating premium products since 1893

Čakovečki mlinovi d.d. is one of the leading Croatian food companies that has been operating since 1893, and its most important activities are milling, baking, and pumpkin oil production.
The strategic guideline of the entire business is premium quality and continuous investment in the most modern technologies in the food industry.

The ČAKOVEČKI MLINOVI brand has been achieving significant market success in domestic and foreign markets for years, as customers have recognized the top quality of our products.

The secret of success lies in the first-class raw materials, knowledge and experience of our employees, and the love we invest in creating products that will exceed the expectations of our customers.

We process 50,000 tons of wheat and 10,000 tons of corn annually, and the distribution of flour is adapted to three main channels - retail, bakery and confectionery industry.

In the bakeries of Čakovečki mlinovi d.d. in Čakovec and Oroslavje, together with the bakeries Radnik d.d. Opatija in Lovran and Malinska, we produce over 10,000 tons of bread, pastries, cakes and quick-frozen dough annually.

The headquarters of the company are in Čakovec, and production facilities, other than Čakovec, are located in Donji Kraljevec, Oroslavje, and Lovran. Throughout its centuries of tradition, Čakovečki mlinovi have been cooperating with producers of agricultural products from the Međimurje region by buying domestic Croatian wheat, corn and other raw materials. A great deal of attention is paid to improving cooperation with rural areas and this achieved that Čakovečki mlinovi today cover almost 2/3 of their needs from the fields of Međimurje. The entire production from farm to table is under constant supervision from technologists, both in primary production at the production organizers and in Čakovečki mlinovi. In this way, we manage to maintain the high quality of our products.

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